The death of the thinker


The thinker is dead.

There’s nobody to mourn him.

‘A crazy good for nothing fellow, never did anything except sit around ‘is the best description that you get for him.

Really who cares about the thinker anyway?

It’s the age of action, of doing, not thinking.

Something happens; you do not think about it, you just move on.

That is the mantra……..the mantra to success and a good life.


But nobody could teach the thinker that.

He just thought and thought and did not know how to live his life without thinking.

He thought about the world and the people in it,

He thought about the wars that never end, the bombs that never stop exploding,

He thought about how we kill not only each other but also Mother Earth,

He thought about the strong getting one up on the weak and the weak not even protesting,

And then he thought about the things in this world that just do not change no matter what,

The purity of the mother’s love, the strength of the father’s presence

The hope and innocence of young love.


But then his brother saw a way to cure the thinker’s sickness,

He read in a journal about this machine that can suck out a person’s thoughts and leave in him only the urge to act.

So he bought such a machine and used it on his brother, the thinker.

After the act was done, the thinker could not think anymore.

His brother was very happy.

He said ‘My brother is going to act from today, he will not just sit and while away his time’,

And he did act,

The first thing he did was to jump off the terrace of his building because he did not know what to do.

And so he died.




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