Too ordinary to be extraordinary?

It is said that Art is essentially Imitation. It is the imitation of life, of other great works of arts. So can we never create something that is original? It is a strange thought indeed. Whatever a writer, a painter or any other artist creates has been inspired that he/she has seen, heard or even felt. So, at least the conception of any great or not so great work of art is not from itself.

This basic debate is as old as time. But after watching the film “Kill your Darlings”, I was drawn back to it. The film traces the events of the life of the poet Allen Ginsberg, before he became a famous poet. The complications of having a mentally unstable parent, the self-doubts as to his true worth, the attraction he feels for a fellow student and friend, the frustration of adhering to the so-called traditions – all this has been beautifully portrayed in the movie. I was especially spellbound with the performance of Daniel Radcliffe as the young Allen Ginsberg. I will never again think of Radcliffe as “Harry Potter”. Also, watching Dane de Hann as Lucien Karr, I felt like I was watching a young “Leornardo de Caprio”. He was fabulous in every scene.

But the film impacted me not just for the brilliant performances of the actors. It brought me face to face with so many questions and doubts that have always been there with me, somewhere lurking in my consciousness, in my very soul.

  1. Is it really necessary to face certain complications in your own life in order to fully appreciate and understand all the aspects of life?
  2. Is it really necessary to adhere to the rules or regulations of life, what Yeats called “the circle of life”? Can we really break free of that, break the rhythm, go beyond the circle?
  3. Why it is that a little intoxication (alcohol or drugs or sexual attraction or even love for another individual) brings us closer to our essential and animalistic tendencies?
  4. And finally, am I too ordinary to be extraordinary?

I do not know all the answers. Indeed, I am a very ordinary individual with a limited vision. But then aren’t we all limited by our visions and perceptions?

Sometimes I feel that we are all trapped in our own bubbles. We carry these bubbles wherever we go. Your bubble may be bigger or more colorful than mine but you are as much limited in your bubble as I am in mine. But I wish that one day I can break free of the bubble and have a look at the world without any prejudice or limitation of any perception.

So, here’s to finding a bubble free vision. Cheers!!

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