The Child within…

I want to embrace the child within me,

With no pretension and no apologies.

Guess I have never really grown up,

There’s always a sense of wonder,

Of not knowing everything,

Of wanting to know more.


It is indeed a joyful state to be in,

I’m always enthusiastic,

Wanting life to unleash something new,

To surprise me, shock me. bring me to life.


The people around me categorize and analyse me,

They see me as a working adult woman,

And  think they know me.

But they don’t know that I’m just a simple child inside,

Wanting to go all around the world,

Discovering all that it has to offer.


Is this my blessing or my curse?

Is this a disease? Does it have  a cure?

Really, I don’t even care any more.

‘Cos I have realized one thing…

This is ME

And if the world can’t handle this child,

Well then, let it suffer !!





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