Stretch of Life

Here we are…

Lying down on the ground

The greenery stretched all around us

With all its bounty and richness spread out for us

There’s a stream flowing  through this grassy meadow

It s sweet and pure water reflects our shadow

And in the midst of such serenity

Both of us lying down here, hand in hand

With nothing in our hearts but love.


And the water carries us,

It carries us in its very molecules in the tiniest forms that we can exist

And takes us to the thirsty drinkers

They drink in the water with us in it

And we are transferred into their bodies

We inhabit their very souls

We are them and they are we

We live with them and die with them

Becoming a part of their lives

Infusing our love in them somehow.


The strains of music flow down to our ears from somewhere

Who plays such beautiful music?

How do these notes come to the musician?

How does he create such beautiful harmony?

Such beauty, such peace, such divinity

This is nirvana I think.


I say goodbye to all my earthly companions

To my friends and enemies alike

And float upwards to you

To that divine synchronization

Of which I have only dreamed

But I have never experienced before.


We may or may not be here tomorrow,

But this moment is eternal,

Right now we are every lover who has ever existed

We are the past, the present and the future,

And in this moment we will live forever,

And so will we, like this,

Together forever.


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