Writing 101: Day1 – Unlock the mind..

I stare at the empty page wondering what it is that I want to say today, what it is that I want to be heard. And then I start thinking, that the process of thinking is itself such a wondrous thing. In this day of action when life moves at such a speed that you hardly have time to catch your breath before moving on to the next important thing that needs to get done, where do you have luxury to actually just think, to let your mind guide you into new spaces as yet undiscovered?

As someone who has been part of an aggressive corporate culture in a developing nation where the new generation is an ardent believer in immediate action and instant gratification, it is difficult for me to even fathom how our ancestors actually spent their entire lives being thinkers and philosophers. That being said, I believe that the mind is the most powerful weapon that we have. So, whether we think about the mystery of human existence or about how our company can earn more profits in this financial year, it is the capacity of our minds that defines each of us.

Though it is a challenge to unlock our own minds and harness all its potential, it is an equally terrifying thing to actually come face to face with the darker sides of the mind. I think we never fully realize the basic instincts that are a part of our very nature. The instances of violence and immorality that we hear every day on the news may disgust us. We might even be condescending and think that we are above and beyond these things, but unless and until we are in a given situation with a limited number of options, we really do not know how we will react, how we will think in that given situation. The mind has the ability to spring nasty surprises at times.

The mind is much like the utensil that we use in India for holding all our spices. It is a big vessel with compartments for holding various thoughts which are like the spices. Use the right spice with the right vegetables and it will give a beautiful taste and color to your curry. Similarly, you put the right thought in the given situation and it can be a turnaround in your life. But, if you don’t know how to use the spices, you will end up making a curry that you cannot even eat. Likewise, if you don’t know how to control your thoughts and your mind, you may end up making a mess of your own life. However, there are no right set of spices for a curry. You have to use your own personal imagination and taste because what tastes good to you may not seem tasty to me. So there is really no right or wrong when it comes to the thoughts and ideas generated by our minds. It is all in our hands and always has been. Cheers!!


4 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day1 – Unlock the mind..

  1. Beautiful text! 😀 Seems like you took a slightly different approach to the assignment than I – following where the text and topic leads you, not the jumps and loops of a chain of thought. Loved it!

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