Writing 101: Day20 – My Most Prized Possession: The Blessed Ring of Luck

Material things have never the motivating factors in my life. Sure, I love having a car and owning a house but somehow they were never the reasons behind any of the important decisions that I have made in my life till now. So understandably, my most prized possession is something that may not be of great monetary value but holds immeasurable value to me emotionally. It is a ring.

This ring is a golden ring with a big stone embedded in it. It was presented to me by my parents on the occasion of my eighteenth birthday, the day I officially became an adult. It marks the end of an era in my life and the beginning of a new one. It symbolizes my transition from a dreamy and sometimes lazy child to the slightly jaded and equally lazy adult that I have become. I always wear the ring. It is my good luck charm. And in a weird way, I feel that it also holds my parents’ blessings. I have been on my own for the last decade and this ring has always made me feel that my parents are there for me.

You might ask why I consider it to be my good luck charm. Well consider this. It was the placement season during my MBA and it was the first Group Discussion that I was appearing for, to get a job. Suddenly, I realized that the ring was not on my finger. I tried to go back to my hostel to get it. But there was no time. The previous group had already finished their Group Discussion and we were being called in. I have always been a good enough speaker but that day somehow, my words just would not come out. Now you might present with the very valid argument that since I was so obsessed with the ring and considered myself at a disadvantage without its presence, hence I mentally accepted defeat and hence my bad performance. But a warrior never leaves for battle without his favorite sword and the ring is a weapon for me. Without it I am incomplete and not able to deliver my hundred percent. Call me superstitious but I just cannot function to the best of my ability without it.

The ring is not just a good luck charm, it is also a symbol of my independence while at the same time reminding me of my origin. Making my own way in the world away from my parents, the ring keeps me rooted to the values that my parents have instilled in me. It gives me the courage to follow my dreams and beliefs and be who I really am. It is like to magic ring of the Green Lantern which gives me the power to fight against everything that comes in my way of achieving my dreams. And just like the ring needs to be recharged from time to time by the Green Lantern, so I have to visit my parents to get myself and my ring recharged.

Also, when it comes to this ring, I like to believe that what goes around comes around. I have lost it a couple of times but always managed to get it back. I remember when I was in college, there was an occasion when I could not find it. I searched everywhere in my hostel room, asked my roommates if they had seen it and practically done everything to recover it. But, I just could not remember where I had kept it. I assumed it had fallen off somewhere. I was very depressed and called up my Dad. He said he would get me a new one but to me my ring was irreplaceable. Anyways, I was sleeping at night when I dreamt that the ring was under my bed. I immediately woke up and started searching for it much to the chagrin of my roommates who were awakened by the ruckus that I was creating in the middle of the night. Finally, I checked inside my bucket which I kept under the bed. In the bucket was a soap case and the ring was embedded in the soap. I was so relieved that I almost cried.

There are other things also that I value a lot, like the dictionary which never left my study table no matter where I went. It had belonged to my father once and when my sister needed a dictionary, I gave it away to her. But, the ring I cannot think of giving away ever. Such is my attachment to it. It is indeed my most prized possession.

7 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day20 – My Most Prized Possession: The Blessed Ring of Luck

  1. I like the idea of a good luck charm you always carry with you, like a ring, but I’ve never had one. I may give my daughters one as a present… I did have (and still do, although I never use it any more) a dictionary which my sister and I used as children. It’s very valuable, too. Lovely post, as always.

  2. Ah, lovely. I especially like the comparison to a warrior and his sword.

    Oh man, weird to have Writing 101 ending now. I will continue to read your blog though, I’m glad I found it through the BloggingU! 😀 Cheers!

  3. @lucciagray..wow…that’s great news…nobody deserves it more than you…as for me if you nominate me I will definitely be delighted to accept…but I leave it to you to decide whether I deserve it or not..Cheers 😀

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