We lit up the sky..

I was just a star,

Shining alone in the sky,

Many stars crossed my path

But never managed to bring me down,

Then you came along

We clashed and collided,

And filled the night sky with light so bright

I think we blinded everyone that night.


Yes, you brought me down,

On this earth where I finally feel,

I feel joy and pain, love and anger,

I feel complete.

Now you are in my very veins

Running with my blood,

Invading my very heart and soul,

Filling me with you…


How can I live without you now?

I am just a body, infested with you

I am just a heart, filled with you

And I shudder to think

That there might be no “happily ever after”


But nothing lasts forever, things change

And I know you may move out of my range

But I will have THIS forever,

The moment when we collided,

When the universe came to a standstill

To watch us,

Yes, the night we lit up the sky…

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