Listen…the music is all around us


Music and cacophony… are they really so different from one another?

Is cacophony really an absence of music or is it our constant inability to comprehend the music that is all around us?

Music is everywhere…

The birds chirping, the breeze rustling the leaves of the trees outside,

The sound of the rain pouring all its passion on the dry earth,

It is the very harmony that binds the world together, which keeps it from falling apart,

Look at a child: he is so in peace

He is always happy and sleepy, always in tune with the music that plays around him,

He responds to the cooing noises that his family makes, the lullaby that his mother sings,

But as he grows up, he just keeps moving away from that feeling, that sense of oblivion.

His world becomes infected with noise and cacophony,

And he just stops hearing the music.

And the people who can still hear it

Well, they are the ones whom this world calls crazy.

How do we forget something that is so natural, so innate to us?

How can we let our souls be so blackened and polluted that we can no longer even hear the pure strains of the music around us?

So, just forget everything for a second, close your eyes and listen carefully

You can still listen to it: the music

The music that is all around is.


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