Writing 101: Day9 – A Triangle of Viewpoint

Girl: It is a bright sunny day with a light breeze blowing, a perfect day to take a stroll in the park with your lover. The greenery around is soothing to the eyes. In ordinary circumstances, she would be delighted but today, all the beauty around cannot calm her nerves. She has been planning to tell him for quite some time now but has been too nervous and apprehensive about his reaction and about where their relationship is going. Now that they are alone walking hand in hand, she musters her courage and tries to get the words out. But they don’t come. Suddenly, they come across a bench where an old lady sits knitting something, totally engrossed in what she is doing. As they come close to the lady, she realizes that it is a tiny red sweater. It hits her. She has to say something now.

“Baby” she whispers, “we are going to have a baby.”

“What?” he exclaims in a shocked shrill voice, stopping right in front of the old lady. Even the old lady looks up.

“I mean I’m pregnant”, she says nervously.

She waits for him to say something. Getting no response, she turns to look at him and sees the streams of tears running down his face. She is relieved to realize that these are tears of happiness.

Boy: It is a bright sunny day with a light breeze blowing, a perfect day to take a stroll in the park with your lover. The greenery around is soothing to the eyes. But for some reason, his girlfriend keeps fidgeting as if she is really nervous and restless. It concerns him. She has seemed a little different from her usual chirpy self these last few days. And that is one of the reasons why he has come back early from office today and brought her to the park. But all his efforts do not seem to relax her. He starts wondering if she wants to leave him. The last two years that they have been together have been the happiest in his life and he has been wondering lately if he should take the relationship to the next level by asking her to marry him.

Walking hand in hand, they come near a bench where an old lady sits knitting something. He squints trying to figure out what she is making when suddenly his he hears his girlfriend whisper, “Baby, we are going to have a baby.”

His mind doesn’t comprehend what exactly she says as he is too preoccupied thinking that the old lady is knitting a tiny sweater for a baby.

Suddenly her words penetrate his consciousness and he exclaims in a shocked shrill voice “What?”, stopping right in front of the old lady. The old lady looks up.

“I mean I’m pregnant”, she says nervously.

Her words are like balm to his heart which was trying to deal with losing her a few minutes back. He feels relieved, ecstatic and totally unable to utter a single word. Suddenly she turns to look at him and he realizes that he is crying.

Old lady: It is a bright sunny day with a light breeze blowing, a perfect day to sit in the park bench and do some knitting. The greenery around is soothing to the eyes. But she hardly has time to look at the beautiful surrounding. She is totally engrossed in her work. She is knitting a tiny little sweater for her grandchild. She smiles in contentment as she realizes that she is going to live to see her first grandchild after all. Her son and his wife have been married for quite some time now and after a lot of efforts, her daughter-in-law is finally pregnant.

As she works on the sweater, she hears someone approaching. She hears a girl’s voice whispering something inaudible and then the boy stops right in front of the bench and says in a shocked and shrill voice, “What?” That makes her look up from her weaving.

“I mean I’m pregnant”, the girl says nervously.

Then she sees that the boy starts crying silently while the girl looks at him with relief and happiness.

She smiles to herself. Another happy couple is being blessed with a child. How wonderful to witness this scene. Then she goes back to her knitting.


Writing 101: Day8 – Having a cup of coffee alone at the local cafe

In the evenings, I meet a group of friends at the local cafe. However,  the Writing 101 challenge prompted me to stroll to the place and spend an hour alone. Reaching the place, I ordered a cold coffee and took a look at the people trying to observe things about them. These are some of the people I saw as I am sure you will see when you visit your local coffee shop.

The happy couple – When you walk into a coffee shop, there will be eager eyes looking up to see whether you are the person he/she is waiting for. A pretty young girl dressed in a floral cotton skirt and a white blouse, waiting for someone, looked up at me the moment I walked in. Her eager glance changed to disappointment when she realized it was not her friend but me. She grabbed her phone and started calling her friend trying to know when he is reaching. Sure enough,in  ten minutes, a handsome young man dressed in a colorful T-shirt and jeans popped in wearing an apologetic smile on his face. They proceeded to have an animated conversation. Even the waiter was having a tough time getting their attention. Ah, the joy and excitement of young love.

The large noisy group – I found a group of people chatting and laughing and enjoying.They were young professionals, a fact I gathered from their formal attire. They were chatting about everything from politics to their office colleagues, laughing at silly jokes and having a good time. They also ordered food which they went on to devour the moment it was served. Thank God for the company of friends after a long day at work.

The pitching salesmen – I noticed these two men dressed in suits even in this blistering heat, making earnest speeches to a very well-dressed middle-aged man. I do not eavesdrop but from the little what drifted to my ears of their conversation, I gathered they were talking about some investment or business deal. The two men in suits were trying to convince the middle-aged man and he was listening to all their arguments. Having worked in the financial industry myself, I recognized some heavy financial terms been thrown around. I could not help a smirk that said I am better off away from all this.

The chubby cherub – What public scene is complete without a baby? There were two ladies gossiping between themselves while a chubby child ran around, first close to them then all over the place. He came near me and gurgled something in his baby language, I smiled at him and he roared with laughter. He talked some more in his own language after which his mother came and took him away to their table.

My cup of coffee being over, I got up and took a last glance around. Except for one of the guys from the big group who was checking me out since I walked in, everyone was busy with their own companions and conversations. I smiled at the guy and left the cafe.