The Moral Dilemma of Standing by your loved ones

Have you ever experienced this? That feeling of confusion when you are in a situation where someone you really love and care for is involved in a somewhat unpleasant situation and wants you to stand beside him or her? Do you try to be objective and actually try to ascertain who is wrong and who is right in such a situation? Or do you just say to yourself “So what if my friend maybe wrong, I will support him or her any way”?

It is indeed a very difficult situation. I think there is actually no wrong or right here. Whatever you do, you stand to lose in some way or the other. If you support your friend knowing that he/she is not right, you are not being true to your values and if you do not support him/her, you might end up feeling guilty for not standing by someone you really care for.

I have faced this kind of a situation very recently and it made me question what kind of a person I really am. A friend of mine was involved in some kind of business transaction and the other person was making unusual demands. Again, I did not whole-heartedly support the condiions that my friend was talking about. But, the other person was being very assertive (and let’s say quarrelsome). My friend though usually a very eloquent speaker and more than competent of taking care of himself, was unwell that day and not able to argue his point. Now, I am generally a very easy-going person but I don’t know why I just jumped into the argument and taking my friend’s side, I more or less blasted the other person. Both of them were rendered speechless because it was the last thing they expected me to do. Anyways, let’s just say that I won the argument on behalf of my friend.

But, later on, I just could not help thinking to myself why I did it. Maybe it was a feeling of being protective of the people I care about, maybe it was the fact that I felt there was an imbalance in the situation due to my friend’s incapacity to defend himself, or maybe it was just a momentary case of insanity on my part. It could be anything. But here’s the pertinent question that made me lose sleep for quite some time: How far would I really go to protect the people I care about? How far would you?