Rain on me…


Why do I love rains so much? Is it because of the fragrance of the wet earth when the rain first falls on the dry parched earth which is my favorite smell in the world? Is it because of the pitter patter sounds that the rain makes when it falls on the roof which is one of my favorite sounds? Or is it the feeling of cool and chill in this extreme and nasty heat? I think it’s a little bit of all these reasons.

As I wait in my office ready to go home but unable to go out in this heavy rain and thunder, I sit beside the window and watch the sudden flashes of lightning along with the intermittent sounds of the fierce rain drops hitting the window panes. It is a lovely sight and sound. And I am taken back to the beautiful memories associated with rain. So here are my favorite moments:

Making paper boats and floating them in the water accumulated from the rains was a favorite childhood pastime. I often innovated on the many number of boats that I could make. I even made the boats out of papers of different colors. I may be a grown up now but still I long to do the same. Wonder what my boss will think if I start tearing pages from the diary and start making paper boats.

My first year in university, I remember going to the Central Library, which was a different building altogether and located quite far from my Dept building, not bothering to carry an umbrella. And then it just started pouring all of a sudden. Without caring about catching fever, my friends and I ran all the way to our building. The exuberance of youth is indeed a heady thing.

What is rain without a little romance? That first kiss with my boyfriend on a lush green field in the rains is one of the best moments in my life. It was so full of wild attraction and tender loving all at the same time. When I visualize it in my mind, it seems to be a scene straight out of a rom-com. People change and grow apart but the memories remain forever.

And then there is food. I am reminded of all the different varieties of delicious fries that I have enjoyed while staring at the rain. Ever since my childhood and it continues till now, whenever it rains, I love having potato and brinjal fries with a little salt and pepper sprinkled on top of them.

Oh the thought of food inspires me to just get out of my office, go home and cook some for myself right now. So, I am off to my home. Cheers and a happy rainy season…