Writing 101: Day 14 – A Letter to Codes..

I was reading Dan Brown’s “Digital Fortress” and the word that struck me was “code” So here goes my letter.

Dear Codes,

Why are there so many of you? Codes of dressing, codes of conduct, moral codes, the list is just endless. You want to command me about how to dress, how to walk, how to behave, even what to say and when.

I still remember as a kid the first time I was told about you. “Don’t jump around like a monkey. You can’t do everything that your brothers do. It is the social code”, I was told.  “Why?”, I retorted. “Because you are a girl”, came the reply.

Then I started growing up. I was told that you dictate that I have to sit with my legs together because I am a girl. I have to wear clothes that will cover my whole body because I am a girl. I have to talk decently and not shout at the top of my voice even when I am ecstatic, because I am a girl.

But wait, you are not content by just dictating how I behave and what I wear. You want to dictate even my choice of career. I should ideally study in a college close to home because I am a girl. I should not choose a career in sales or civil engineering because I am a girl. I should get married by the age of 25 and bear children because I am a girl. I have to follow you in everything I do because I am a girl.

Who are you to tell me all these things? Who are you to define me? Who are you to dictate the terms of my existence? You have tried to stop me in every step of the way. But have you been able to stop me from being myself? You can be Agent Smith all dressed in black and looking grim, but I am also Neo. I have dodged all your bullets till now and will keep on doing the same in future.

So, dear Codes, I would advise you to go fly a kite, or anything else that you want to do.

Yours sincerely,

A girl.