Writing 101: Day4 – The Loss..Or is it??

With numerous thoughts swirling in her mind, she gets down from the cab trying to act as normal as possible. Trying to balance her mental faculties and her bags at the same time is indeed a big task and she sets about managing it as efficiently as possible. Within seconds after getting down from the cab, however, she realizes that something is wrong. And then it hits her. Oh God, her phone. She looks at the road and sees the yellow cab moving away from her, much like a fast setting sun. She forgets about balance and dignity and runs behind the cab like a mad woman. Oblivious to the attention of the people passing by, she totters on her high heels. Where is the traffic jam now when she needs it? After trying to run for a couple of minutes, she realizes it is all in vain. The cab is gone and with it her mobile phone which contains her favorite playlist, her pictures and the contact numbers of all the people she knows. As her mind goes to the contact list on her phone, she remembers what has happened today.

Working in a managerial post in a major bank hasn’t always been her dream. In fact, she has always prided herself of not conforming to anybody’s standards but her own. But somehow, she cannot remember how, she has become a part of this typical race where having the best paid job, a huge flat and a swanky car are all that matters. And she has done it very well for the last five years of her life. She has given all her energy, her time and her ideas to accomplishing a dream that she has been made to believe is hers. But, since her break up with her long time boyfriend and fiancé, she started questioning the importance of all these things in her life – career, flat, car. Do you really need things to find happiness? She has all these things but that didn’t make her happy. She has been feeling lost, discontent, like she has just woken up from a bad dream.

When she woke up today, she didn’t know she would do this but somehow, now, in the middle of the day, she finds herself in the middle of the road coming home after resigning from her high powered job, a job that many people would give their eye and tooth to have. And now, her mobile phone is gone and with it the contact numbers of all those people she knew – those numerous people in her office who seemed shocked that she has resigned while quietly planning how to get that very desirable cabin where she used to sit till today morning, her now ex-boss who has spent the last two hours trying to convince her that ”just” a breakup is no reason to give up such a promising career, all those clients who have spoken to her for the last two years and will now have to speak to the next career-oriented and concerned manager who will no doubt occupy her position.

She thought about all those things that have gone with her mobile phone and felt a great weight lift off her shoulders. She felt free and light as the wind. Now, she can take that long vacation to Europe that she had always planned but could never take because she could not afford to take leave from office for so many days, she can go back home to stay with her parents and help her Mom and Dad with the repair of their ancestral home that they have been planning for so long but haven’t been able to do because they are no longer so young, she can write like she always wanted, she can even sleep for the whole of next week. She thinks about all the possibilities and realizes that she neither has to speak to anyone and offer any explanations nor has to listen to how sorry they were for her, not her ex-colleagues and certainly not her ex-boyfriend.  And then she starts laughing.

Thank God she lost her phone.