Writing 101: Day6 – The Most Interesting Person I have met this year

I have generally met my best friends at school, college, hostel or workplace. But, this year I met someone in an unusual way, at least unusual for me. My friend with whom I used to share our huge two-bedroom flat got married and moved out. In order to find a new flat mate, I posted an online advertisement. I received several phone calls and this was just one of them. I spoke to this girl called Nikki and we planned to meet up after office. I waited for her near the department store. She came on a bike in her formal clothes. She was quite tall but what caught my attention was her long straight hair which very easily reached her hips. She had a friendly demeanor and we chatted all the way to my flat while on her bike.

We reached my flat and I gave her a tour after which I asked whether she would have some tea and then it started raining. I made tea and we ended up talking for almost two hours. We suddenly realized that it had stopped raining but we were so absorbed in our conversation that we had not even noticed. I have always been a friendly person but I could not remember whether I have ever had a two-hour long conversation with anyone I have met for the first time in my entire life. We started talking about the flat, then about our jobs, our native places and the conversation just flowed. She was tall and pretty and had a sense of humor that instantly caught my interest. Originally from the central part of India, she loved good food and having completing her M.B.A she was working in the power sector.

A couple of days after that, I called her to ask whether she was interested to move in to my flat but she had some issues and decided not to. However, we planned to meet up for some coffee after work. And it just started happening almost every day. Our offices are really close by and almost every day after work, we started meeting up, whether it was for a cup of coffee or a couple of beers or shopping or even to try out a new eatery.

Almost eight months later and we are still meeting up after work to catch up. Our passion for good food, our eclectic taste in movies and music and our love for shopping and fashion ensure that we never have a shortage of activities. On a personal level, she is almost four years younger to me but her level of maturity amazes me. We are both fun-loving people but also quite strong-willed and though from slightly different backgrounds, we can totally identify with each other. She is also a very straight talker and never minces her words for anyone or anything.

As of now, she has also become friends with my friends and I have become friends with hers. The result is a girl gang of six. We meet up almost every Sunday for brunch and talk about every small or big thing happening in each other’s lives. Our lives are hectic, all of us being single working girls who have to cook our meals and go to office. But we enjoy each other’s company and have a great time doing things that only girls enjoy. At times I think we are much like the girl gang of “Sex and the City”.

Life is the repetition of the usual and you have to inspire yourself to keep doing what you do. But, when you have friends with whom you can share a part of your life and who can make you laugh, then going through the routine life becomes a little easier.