Writing 101: Day17 – Up, up and away: My fear

Sounds of laughter and fragrances of different food items somehow get through the haze of fear. I clutch the railing of the small box tightly. My knuckles turn almost white. The motor turns on with a growl and I close my eyes tightly. As if that would somehow negate the reality!

And then up goes the box and with it me and my friend Deb. Deb’s voice reaches my ear “Ayyeeee Dipsss…its awesome, ain’t it?” I look at her and try to utter something but only manage a weird sound. “Oh Gawd, don’t tell me you are scared”, she drawls.

Too ashamed to admit my fear, I keep quiet and try not to look down. Suddenly the box starts moving down with a whoosh. It seems like everything that I have eaten in the fair is churning in my stomach. My box comes down and I feel like jumping out of it onto the ground. But, my pride is at stake here. I continue to cling onto the seat and endure the horrendous ride.

Finally after about fifteen times of eye-shutting, stomach churning and Deb’s happy squeals, it stops. I rush out of the box as soon as possible. I make a promise to myself. I am never getting up on that darned ferris wheel thing again. No Sir, not even if my life depended on it.